Glen Nevis Walks episode 6

In Episode 6 of the Glen Nevis Walks podcast series we are taking the popular Cow Hill circuit at the mouth of Glen Nevis. Cow Hill is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get out and see some of the scenery around the glen and hence it’s often the first walk that new visitors will take when they arrive in Fort William or Glen Nevis. It’s also handy because you can access the circuit from Fort William itself, just a few minutes walk from the station, and walk around on some lovely quiet moorland into the wooded slopes of Glen Nevis


Along the way we’ll hear about some of the changes that Hughie and Isie Cameron have seen, growing up and living in the glen since the 1940s.  I’ll also look further into the past as the walk also takes us past the spot where the Cameron clan fired their canons on the Garrison in Fort William during the Jacobite rebellion in the 1740s. Geologist Noel Williams will explain the mind boggling geology of the Great Glen and how the other side of the glen has slid hundreds of kilometres along the line of the fault. We’ll also hear more about the wildlife you might see on this walk from John Muir Trust ranger Ali Austin, with some real local tips for wildlife spotting from the locals Hughie and Isie!

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