Money announced for Path Work on Ben Nevis

Nevis and the Mamores by Alex Gillespie

The Nevis Partnership are in line to get a £4 million pound funding package for the Ben and Glen Nevis area.  The Nevis Landscape Partnership will be formed by adding to the existing Nevis Partnership group. There will be an exciting range of projects funded including archeological experiments to find out how ‘vitrified forts’ were made, excavations of Dun Deardail hilltop fort in Glen Nevis, and a variety of wildlife conservation projects involving locals and volunteers and West Highland College.

Funding will be partly provided by the Heritage Lottery Fund, with the Nevis Partnership needing to draw up detailed plans in the next 16 months to qualify for the money.  So exciting times for Ben and Glen Nevis and the Friends of Nevis look forward to working with the Nevis Partnership and finding out more about their exciting plans.

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